Monday 4 February 2008

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EDE was born in 2003 in France. A lot of us read about this event in internet groups.

In december 2003, the project was presented in Germany. Some Germans tried to participate in the European elections.

At 13 juin 2004, EDE participated the elections with regional candidate lists in France. In spite of a big number of lists (26 lists in Paris region) EDE succeeded to attain 0,2% of the votes, i.e. 25 000 votes. See the results. During the official campaign, EDE was able to show short films in televison about Esperanto to millions of people. See the first and the second one.

End of august 2004, the EDE members met in the fist EDE Summer University in Grésillon castle.

PDF - 935.5 kb
[fr] Dossier de presse EDE Est 2004
PDF - 106 kb
[fr] Tract EDE Est 2004
PDF - 71.1 kb
[fr] Tract EDE IdF 2004
PDF - 57.5 kb
[fr] Circulaire EDE IdF 2004

The short film below was shown several times in French television during the campaign for the European parliament election in 2004:

JPEG - 3.4 kb
filmeto FR 2004

JPEG - 12.3 kb
filmeto FR 2014
JPEG - 3.5 kb
filmeto FR 2009
JPEG - 4.5 kb
filmeto DE 2009
JPEG - 3.3 kb
filmeto FR 2004

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Elŝutu la novajn informilojn :

[eo] Informilo 2009 (PDF, 887kb) {PDF}


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